Learning About New Cultures

Learning About New Cultures

Three Ways To Make Your Business More Appealing To Spanish Speakers

Felix Williamson

The more you take the time to create a bond with your customers and prospective customers, the better chance you will have to make your business thrive. If you live in an area that has a large Spanish-speaking population, it would be worth your while to bridge that gap and add more Spanish speaking to your office. There are a number of ways you can optimize your company in this matter, so follow these words of advice. 

Tip #1: Hire A Spanish Interpreter 

If you can fit it in your budget, a Spanish interpreter from a company like the Language Banc can go a long way toward helping you communicate with your customer base. Since these are fluent speakers, you'll expedite matters in your office and will have an overall comfort zone when dealing with Spanish-speaking customers. Make sure that you interview these prospective translators to get a feel for their fluency and ability to communicate both ways. This way, you will worry less about things getting lost in translation and will also be able to gauge their work ethic and ability. You can expect to pay anywhere between $50 per hour and $145 per hour to get an in-person translator to assist you.

Tip #2: Hire Spanish Speakers And Encourage Your Employees To Learn

It is important that you build your company for success by hiring people who speak Spanish and also giving your employees the tools they need to add the skill to their resume. Make sure to add Spanish proficiency or fluency in your list of requirements or perks when adding to your employee base. You should also provide training opportunities, promotions, or other incentives for employees who work hard to learn the language. Software packages for language learning can cost upwards of $450, so make the software available or seek workplace discounts to give your employees every chance to learn.

Tip #3: Take The Long Term Approach And Add This Language To Your Repertoire

Since the culture of your company starts at the top, it will be worth your while to learn the language. Rather than simply trying to learn some vocabulary words, you should consider becoming fluent in Spanish yourself. There are numerous courses you can take and instructors who are willing to help you privately. The best thing you can do is immerse yourself in the language and expose yourself to media that you enjoy in Spanish.

Consider these tips to make the most of the opportunity to improve your company.


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