Learning About New Cultures

Learning About New Cultures

Visiting Africa Soon? Do These Things First

Felix Williamson

A trip to an African country can be exciting, but if you don't know much about the place you're going, it can be difficult to learn things on the fly. Preparation is important; doing the right things before your trip can make things move along more smoothly.

Read About Specific Customs

The continent of Africa has a rich history and there are a number of distinct cultures. To have a great time on your trip, it's important that you know a little about the culture of the country you're going to so that you don't offend anyone and have a better understanding of how you should act. In some countries, for instance, women are expected to wear headscarves. In others, physical contact with strangers should be limited. Looking up different customs can help you interact in a better way with the people you come across.

Find Out About Local News

It's vital that you have some idea of the political and cultural climate in your destination country to protect yourself and stay safe during your trip. If there is political unrest due to election results or there is going to be a huge soccer game while you're there, you can make different arrangements for where you'll be traveling and spending time.

Reading local news will help you get an idea of what's happening; many times there is an English language newspaper that you can peruse in the days leading up to your trip. There are also number of international newspapers and websites that also carry stories on the happenings in various African countries.

You might also want to investigate the country's information on the State Department website. You can receive information about any crime alerts and other things that could be of concern to you during your stay in the country.

Consider The Weather

Another way the internet can be helpful when you're about to head to a country in Africa is to get some idea of what the weather will be, not just for the city you're going to but the elevation of the place you're headed. If you plan to be in the mountains, for example, you're likely to need long pants and a sweater, even if you'd be in shorts in the city center.

Preparing as much as you can for your trip to the African continent can help the entire trip go well. Learn what you can about all things Africa so that you're comfortable with and confident about your chosen country when you arrive.


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